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November 2011

First blog post

Well, first blog post on the new website, hopefull many more to come!

Bonaire PJ4J

Well, spent a few hours trying to get through, with no sucess. I am not even sure an amplifier would have helped, as I could barely hear them anyway. It seemed a good expidetion though


Welcome to my collection of Amateur Radio related information and some blogging in the hobby. I am still getting things set up, so come in and have a look around, and don't forget to check back soon, as more stuff is coming. Guests are encouraged to add their comments, however the comments are screened for spam.

New amp = new DX?

Does a new amp = New DX? I hope so!

To get a Vanity callsign or not?

That is the question... When I originally got my license in December 2010 I took the Tech exam with confidence that I would pass it, I also planned to take the General that evening as well, but I was not as confident, but felt I had a better then good chance of passing as well. As it turns out I passed both and became a General class Amateur on 12/28/2010, and received KC2ZPK as my call. A 2x3 call. While not too bad, I have see worse, It can be a mouth full when working a pileup.

Attempt at AO-51 11/22/2011

Oddly enough I woke up early this morning (09:00 UTC) and checked my satellite app on my Android phone, and I saw AO-51 was going to be in the sky around the time I leave for work. And it's max elevation was to be 45°, decent enough I thought, so I set the radio, a DM-710A for the satellites, set the squelch right on the fringe of on/off and drove to work. In the past the signals from AO-51 have been able to break this squelch level, but now I am not so sure. it doesn't help that I am trying to listen with a trunk mount mobile antenna, mounted vertically.

The Shack

Here is what is currently in The Shack. Click on the links to read more about the piece of equipment. Pictures coming soon.   

Kenwood TS-940SAT My first rig, acquired back in December, 2010 from a nice elderly ham. Truly a man of his word! We spoke several times over the course of a few days prior to shipping the radio. I really have no other HF radio to compare to, but others swear by it.


SB-200 Case cleaning

Took a few minutes to strip the remaining green Heathkit paint from the case of the SB-200. As the case is Aluminum, I have to be careful what I use to strip the paint with. Sanding will only strip the paint from the outer surfaces of the case, however there are hundreds, maybe thousands of small holes that have paint in them as well. Chemical striping is probably the easiest way to get all the nooks and crannies. So I stoped by the auto parts store and picked up a can of "Tal-Strip" It is a spray on coatings remover, safe for aircraft use, and use on Aluminum.

QSL Card Information

I use both eQSL and LoTW for QSLs, as well as traditional paper QSLs.

Feel free to mail DOMESTIC (USA) QSL cards directly to my address. QSLs from outside, either the Buro or direct is fine

QSL Status:

eQSL Last Update: 1/7/2012

LoTW Last Update: 1/26/2013

HRDLog Last Update: 10/28/2012

ClubLog Last Update: 1/25/2012

Domestic QSL (incl AK, HI): Pending

Foreign QSL: Pending

Current QSL cards QSLs [image]


Current eQSL Cards

SB-200 tube testing

Took a little time this evening to do some more checks on the SB-200. A couple of days ago I checked the high voltage level without the tubes installed, and it is about 2350V or so (by looking at the front panel meter). Tonight I plugged the tubes in and went to fire up the amp, then POW, it tripped the circuit breaker on the battery backup supply I use for the radios. I guess the initial draw is too much, I think I will just connect to the wall outlet directly. Connected to the wall, everything is fine.


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