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February 2012

Its been a few days....

Well, its been a few days, so I figured I would write something. I have a couple of things going on right now; looking for parts for the SM-220, I need to figure what is causing the meters in the MFJ-962D to flip out and peg to full scale with very little power, and I think my 40/80M dipole has either a short or open section

Beverage Antennas

OK, while I do not have room for a long Beverage Antenna, it doesn't mean I can't learn about them! Why a separate RX antenna in the first place? 'Rumor' has it that they are very quiet, and directional.

2012 ARRL SSB DX Contest is upon us

Well this is the weekend for the 2012 ARRL SSB DX Contest. I have the house to myself so there should be little interruption, not that I expect to sit at the radio all weekend. I do have other stuff to do, but I am sure will get a few hours here and there to get some contacts in.

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