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March 2012

Solar Flux Index (SFI) on the way up.

During the contest this past weekend I noticed that the SFI number was up from where it had been for a while. It was hovering around 104 for a few weeks prior to the contest, and when I checked it Saturday morning it was over 120. As I write this it is over 140.

2012 ARRL SSB DX Contest, In review.

Well, this being my first attempt at a contest, I thought I would post a few comments. OK, not really my first contest, but I can't count the other two, since I only spent a few minutes in them. This contest I spent considerable time, and set goals for myself. Friday night I had dinner plans so I didn't get started until about 10PM local, or 03:00Z Saturday. After getting set up with the logging program, N1MM, I proceed to scan the 80M band for contacts.

DXCC and Logbook of the World

Well the ARRL DX SSB contest a few weeks ago helped my journey along to obtainaing DXCC. While I only had about 180 QSOs over that contest , a fair number of them have uploaded to Logbook of the World (LotW). I am now at 42 confirmed QSLs for DXCC-mixed and 37 for DXCC-Phone.

SB-200 rebuild project - The Plan

So I bought a used SB-200 a little while back, and while it does have good output, but the cosmetics and smell left much to be desired. The paint was flaking and had a cigarette smoke issue. The paint on the outer case all but washed right off when it took a bath in the dishwasher (don't tell the XYL), and a few days outside in the fresh air helped the smoke odor, but it is still there when it heats up from running.

2012 CQ WW WPX Contest SSB

With just about 24 hours till the start of the 2012 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest Things are not looking good for my chances. If you remember from the ARRL SSB DX Contest I have an issue with the antenna tuner I am using with my SB-200

New QSL Cards

I am wrapping up the design for my paper QSL cards, and will hopefully have them out for proofing early next week. I really apologize for not getting this done earlier but something always seemed to use up my time.

2012 CQ WW WPX SSB contest, in review.

Well, as I figured, I did not have as much uninterrupted time as I did for the ARRL contest, but that didn't stop the fun. The good news, no mechanical or electrical failures. The Bad news, only 102 QSOs. For me it seemed 10M was dead, so I only spent a little while there. Spent most of the time on 20M and 15M, as they were active during the time I had to participate in the contest.

SB-200 rebuild project - Parts hunting

Well, it has started. I started combing through the manual for the SB-200 matching up old part numbers to current day equilavents.

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