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July 2012

Thoughts on the 80M OCF Dipole

So, I have had the off center fed dipole up about a week now, and one thing it definitely is, is quieter. Where the 40M/80M dipole had a lot static, due in part to being very close to the condo building I live in, the 80M OCF Dipole has much less man made noise on it. Most bands above 7 MHz are 0-1 S unit of noise, and below that there is about a 4-6 S unit reduction in noise. There is a whole lot more going on out there. I am even able to here some activity on 160M, but I think it is much too short for transmitting on 160m.

Taking down the 80M/40M dipole.

Well, I guess it is a sad day. I had to take down my first antenna. The 80M/40M dipole, it has been up for about 18 months and gone through a few storms, one that even stretched and snapped it, but I put it back up. It wasn't a storm that took it down, but tree maintenance that made me decide to pull it down. The property maintenance company at the condo where I live was doing some tree trimming to attempt to reduce the amount of moss growing on the building.

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