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2012 CQ World Wide DX Contest

The 2012 CQ World Wide DX contest is coming up quick, actually I didn't realize it was so soon, until someone pointed it out. This should be a good test for the OCF Dipole. This will be my first run in this contest, but I have to wonder what the difference between 'CQ WW WPX', and 'CQ World Wide DX' is? Well... I did some asking around and got my answer. CQ WW WPX is "Worked all prefix"  and CQ World Wide is just CQ zones and countries. It doe seem the this one, CQ WW DX, is "The Big One" We'll see how it plays out. It might be a bit rough for some East Coast US stations as Hurricane Sandy is planning to beat up the coast pretty bad starting this Friday, possibly making land fall sometime late Monday, early Tuesday somewhere the upper Atlantic states (NJ) Time will tell.

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