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2012 CQ WW WPX Contest SSB

With just about 24 hours till the start of the 2012 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest Things are not looking good for my chances. If you remember from the ARRL SSB DX Contest I have an issue with the antenna tuner I am using with my SB-200. Actually I think it may be the feed line, so I have ordered some coax and PL-259s to make a temp feed line to the 40/80m dipole and we will see how it goes. I also ordered an separate SWR/watt meter to compare with the meter in the tuner. We will see how it goes.

The plan and goal for this contest is to become a little more familiar with the logging program N1MM, and maybe use the DX cluster in it, if I can figure out how to get it running. I am going to enter "Single op, All band, High power" If decide to use the cluster in N1MM I have to enter "Assisted" as well. Either Way I will also enter the "Rookie" overlay catagory. My goal for QSOs is, again, 100. I know last contest I made around 180, but this weekend I will not have as much uninterrupted free time, BUT, I am hoping to not have the mechanical and electrical failures I had in the last contest. We will see!

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