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70cm UHF Repeater Build Up, Update 2

Well..... I have not had time to even look at the parts for the repeater in almost a week. The CQ WW DX contest was last weekend, and Monday the East Coast was hit with Hurricane Sandy. Being that I work for the electric utility company we have been busy with 12hr shifts since Monday, and there is no end in sight. I also have no power at home, so it is dark and chilly at night. It could be a week or more before we are almost back to normal. Sandy was one b*&!@^ ! It really doesn't matter though, I am still waiting for the imported duplexer. Now before everyone says "you get what you pay for"... I know. I am not looking for a top tier, high power, far reaching repeater. I am just looking to get something on air to experiment with, and will improve as needed, or weak links are found.
What I have been able to do, before the storm, was to remove the frequency control  eeprom from the control board. This eeprom stores the TX and RX frequency data. You can read it with an eeprom reader, then make changes. It is not a straight forward process, but I'll explain it later, I have the cable to connects the duplexer, just need to install the connectors. I have all the parts for the controller; Controller, tone board, audio delay, etc...  Just have to start putting it together and find a box to house it in.
I will be posting more updates as i get time to work on this project, although it may not be for a few weeks.

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