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70cm UHF Repeater Build Up, Update 3

So, still working 12hr/day storm detail, although we should be winding down soon, I was able to get a couple hours to cobble together the basic setup for the 440 repeater. I made up the coax cables to connect with the duplexer. The repeater is on 447.575, with a -5MHz input and currently no CTCSS tone. I was able to do some limited testing at a 2W output level, and it looks like the basic functions work. I can't let it run  alone yet, as I am still using the internal controller, which does not ID as required. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get the controller hooked up and start configuring it.  I have decided that for the time being I will just use a simple 1/4 ground plane antenna, just to get this up and running so I can test with it, later I will try out other antenna configurations.

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