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DXCC and Logbook of the World

Well the ARRL DX SSB contest a few weeks ago helped my journey along to obtaining DXCC. While I only had about 180 QSOs over that contest , a fair number of them have uploaded to Logbook of the World (LotW). I am now at 42 confirmed QSLs for DXCC-mixed and 37 for DXCC-Phone.  I can see the attraction of LotW, as it is a fairly quick way to rack up QSLs, however I wold still like some paper QSL cards. Still to this day I have only received two QSL cards. One from a stateside QSO, and the other is a busted call. I  have a QSL from some club in Cuba, but I have no record of working them. I guess I am no better as I have not sent out any either, but that will be changing soon As far as working more DX, I still get on the air every now and then during the week, but most of my on air time is weekends, and contests. Hopefully I will get to spend a few hours during the CQ's WW WPX SSB contest, March 24th & 25th. I have been told since it is a world wide contest, that there should be a good many stations up and running that were not during the ARRL contest.  My goal is to have DXCC-Phone by the fall of 2012, hopefully I will.


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