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To get a Vanity callsign or not?

That is the question... When I originally got my license in December 2010 I took the Tech exam with confidence that I would pass it, I also planned to take the General that evening as well, but I was not as confident, but felt I had a better then good chance of passing as well. As it turns out I passed both and became a General class Amateur on 12/28/2010, and received KC2ZPK as my call. A 2x3 call. While not too bad, I have see worse, It can be a mouth full when working a pileup. When I upgraded to Extra on 3/21/2011 I had the chance to get a new call, but opted to not change, I wasn't sure if I would get something harder to call during contests, or while working DX. It's not that I am a big contester or DXer, but I would still like to have an easier time. So it comes down to weather I apply for a vanity callsign or not.


Yes you should get a vanity callsign, but it MUST start with W!  You need a Whisky 1x2, 1x3 or a Whisky Alpha.

It doesn't matter what the W call is, whats important is that it will keep the curmudgeons off your back a little.  They will assume you are an old-timer and wont bother to look you up.

Lets face it, most hams licenced between 1970 and 1990 HATE HATE HATE new hams!  It doesnt matter what you know, how well you operate, you could blaze along at 40 wpm CW, as soon as they find out you are a "no-code ham" they assume you memorized a bunch of answers and dont, and never will, know anything about radio.


Thats why you need a Whisky call.  If you have one and actually know anything about radi and electronics, the curmudgeons will leave you alone long enough to let learn more.  Without it, they are a rude, tight group that does NOT welcome newcomers and would rather take what they know to the grave than give it up to a bunch of stupid no-coders.





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