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Going Solar!

Well... I thought it was time again to revisit solar energy as a means for electricity for a home. I looked into a complete 'off the grid' setup about 5 years ago, and the ROI was over 20 years, at that time. This was assuming no repairs were needed, and not replacing the storage batteries. Now  I am not a "greenie" be any means, I like my AC cold, my cars to have a V8, and love my incandescent light bulbs, Damn you Pres. Bush! My motivation for the solar system is to harvest energy from the Sun so my electric bills are lower, plain and simple financial motivation. I would like to see a ROI of around 5 years (without government subsidies), but I am not sure we are there yet. I think this time I am going to look at a 'Grid tied' system. A grid ties system is a solar system that has utility company ties for a backup, or to sell back to the company, if possible. I believe it can be a system either with, or without a battery bank. Without the battery bank you rely on utility company power when it is dark out. Right now I am looking for discussion forums for research, so if you know of any, please feel free to comment.

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