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Kuwait DX

Picked up a new one this morning! Heard 9K2GS on 20 meters this morning, he had a small pile of ops waiting to contact him, so when he called QRZ I sent my call. I got buried! I still don't have an antenna tuner that will handle the SB-200, had to send the first one back, BUT my 20M Inverted Vee has just about the entire 20M under 2:1. The SB-200 should handle that.  I connected it in line, and tried again. When he first came back "KC2?..." I thought it must not be me, that was too easy! I didn't think it was me, so I didn't reply. When no other station came back to him I knew it was me. I waited a few minutes and called again. Again he came right back to me! We exchanged signal reports, 59+ both ways!, and kept it short for others to get a contact. While this may not be a big accomplishment for many, for me I think it was cool.6000+ miles with about 500 watts.  Next time maybe we can have a longer QSO. 73

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