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MFJ-962 Tuner is back.

UPS delivered my replacement MFJ-962D antenna tuner today. Well I have good news and bad news about it. The good... The meters work like they should.  The Bad... The roller inductor wheel skipped off the inductor core. I am not sure if it was because the tuner was cold, as in ice cold off the back of a UPS truck, or if the core needs to be shifted a little to keep the roller on track. I was able to guide the roller back, and it seems to work ok now, however there is a little sticky point as the roller goes around. I'll give it a couple of days and see if it frees up. But hey, at least I can get the SB-200 on line and hopefully work a little DX.  



Hi there, I have the same problem with my tuner and sending it all the way to MFJ from South Africa is going to be a real chore. Please can you tell me what MFJ found wrong with yours? Maybe I can then fix my one by myself :-)
Thank you very much.
Kevin ZS6KAT (South Africa)


The first one I returned to the store where I bought it, I didn't sent it back to MFJ. The replacement one has now had the same problem, and I believe it is due to either operator error (me) or a open feed line going to the antenna when I was running the SB-200 with about 500W output. The meters now appear to work normally again, but the calibration is off. I am going through it now, and hopefully will have a fix in a couple days.



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