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PT0S, Maybe....

PT05, St Peter and St. Paul Rocks are a small group of islets and rocks approximately  520 nautical miles (990 km) east of the Brazilian city of Natal, right near the Equator. It is about 4000 miles (6300 km) South East from my QTH. What makes this one special is that the Brazilian government has a ban on amateur radio activities on the island, due to environmental concerns and safety reasons. However the Araucaria DX Group was able to obtain special permission to activate the entity.  This will no doubt be a 'Must Have' for many hams, and will create almost sure bedlam. So with that in mind I will be doing what I can to 'get in' This will be the first big DXpedition since adding the 80M OCF dipole. I should be able to hear them, but will they hear me over their almost constant S9+ noise level? That remains to be seen!

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