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Repeater frequency coordination process.

Wow... Who knew it would be so much work to pick a pair of frequencies for use for an amateur radio repeater. You would think with 120 frequency pairs in the 70cm band plan that UNYREPCO uses for repeaters (442-445/447-450) that I could find something open. It is not just simply looking for an open spot with my coordinating council (UNYREPCO) but there are several other councils to check with as well. Some are more proficient at updating the data base of coordinations than others are. Then there are the online databases to look through. The online data base can help quite a bit as you can specify the radius of your search, however don't put 100% faith in it. The councils may have pending coordinations that are not entered yet. All in all there may be 6 or 7 data bases I am looking at. If i can't figure this out by the end of this week I may have my council recommend a pair, but that may take longer to coordinate.

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