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Repeater Testing

Well, results are less then stellar at this point. It has about a 2 mile radius at best. This is with only 6 Watts of output. I am fairly sure it hears much better then it transmits, One of two things will have to happen. 1) get an amp! At 6W I am already over the 100% duty cycle rating of the TKR-820 (5W) I can go to 20W if I run a 50% duty cycle, but if anyone gets to rag chewing, it is going to stress it beyond what I am comfortable with. A nice 50 or 100 watt amp should be fine, probably go 50W to start, and move up from there.  2) A better antenna would help as well. Currently I am only using a homemade 1/4 wave ground plane, not exactly repeater material.

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