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RF Squirrels

What are RF Squirrels? RF Squirrels are tiny little animals that love to eat RF carrying conductors. Conductors such as coax, twin lead, etc.... This weekend I was working on my 40/80 Meter dipole. I wanted to get it up another 2 meters or so, as the 'winter storm' of October 2011 did some tree trimming for me and I can reach up another 6-8 feet with a throw line. It's only up about 25 feet, a little low! When I pulled the center insulator down with the coax feed line, the coax was chewed and/or pecked in several locations. [insert pictures] I even saw some center conductor damage. Well I guess where my S9+ 10 static is coming from! it doesn't help that it was cheap Radio Shack coax. I think my mesh pasta strainer has better coverage then outer braid on the Radio Shack coax. This is a temporary QTH so I didn't want to spend too much on this run, as it is buried for 25' or so, and would most likely be cut and left in place when I left. I sectioned out the bad and replaced it with some JSC 3060, a RG-8/U type Coax. Hopefull they don't eat this one as well.

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