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SB-200 rebuild project - The Plan

So I bought a used SB-200 a little while back, and while it does have good output, but the cosmetics and smell left much to be desired. The paint was flaking and had a cigarette smoke issue. The paint on the outer case all but washed right off when it took a bath in the dishwasher (don't tell the XYL), and a few days outside in the fresh air helped the smoke odor, but it is still there when it heats up from running. The plan is to tear this amp  down to the frame work, clean, and finally rebuild. Now the first two, tear down and clean, are pretty straight forward, the rebuild is where I am stuck. Not stuck in how to do it, but stuck as in how far to take it. Do I just do a text book assembly manual rebuild to 1970's specs, or do I add some performance and safety features? I would like to add a separate power/SWR meter, standby switch, transmit light, add additional bands like 160M, 17M, 12M. I could do like others and tune the input coils in between 10M and 12M, so both get covered, but why when I can get band switches with more positions? Now adding the additional bands would not necessarily need a new face plate but additional meters might, so I need to find someone who can cut a new plate. Then is the question of more power.... I think I am just going to keep it a 2 tube 572B design and just tune for optimal output. Well.... More to come 73


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