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SB-200 tube testing

Took a little time this evening to do some more checks on the SB-200. A couple of days ago I checked the high voltage level without the tubes installed, and it is about 2350V or so (by looking at the front panel meter). Tonight I plugged the tubes in and went to fire up the amp, then POW, it tripped the circuit breaker on the battery backup supply I use for the radios. I guess the initial draw is too much, I think I will just connect to the wall outlet directly. Connected to the wall, everything is fine. I used a Morse code straight key to ground the really so I could check the plate amps at idle, no RF drive, and it sits right about at 90 mA, just right. A note for future modifications, that relay is loud! Well at this point I will have to wait for a few parts to connect it to the TS-940. I still need the 7 pin DIN connector to connect the TS-940 to the amp, and I still need to verify that the TS-940 will key the amp without burning out the amp relay in the radio.


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