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Splat! What is it?  Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool, for 20MHz to 20GHz, by KD2BD. HF has HFTA for signal propagation, and SPLAT! is for VHF/UHF, and up to 20GHz. It is supposed to show the RF coverage, or propagation. I am using it to predict the coverage of my repeater site, and a few others as well. It is fairly well featured, runs natively on Linux, and has versions for PC and MAC. Only drawback is it runs from the command line, which may not be a bad thing. There are several kinds of outputs from the program, several of which are .ppm graphic files that show the terrain and signal information for your site. Real terrain models are downloaded from USGS. Over the next few days / weeks I will be using Splat! to do some analysis, check back in a few days.

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