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Taking down the 80M/40M dipole.

Well, I guess it is a sad day. I had to take down my first antenna. The 80M/40M dipole, it has been up for about 18 months and gone through a few storms, one that even stretched and snapped it, but I put it back up. It wasn't a storm that took it down, but tree maintenance that made me decide to pull it down. The property maintenance company at the condo where I live was doing some tree trimming to attempt to reduce the amount of moss growing on the building. They didn't cut any wires, but trimmed enough to allow the wires to be more visible than I would like them to be, and didn't want others to see them, so down it came. This is all well and good as the 80M OCF Dipole I put up further in the woods is doing as good if not better then this antenna, and I don't buzz the audio equipment in the house when I run the SB-200. Even with all the issuse with this antenna I have been able to work DX with it, and plenty of stateside QSOs

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