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Thoughts on the 80M OCF Dipole

So, I have had the off center fed dipole up about a week now, and one thing it definitely is, is quieter. Where the 40M/80M dipole had a lot static, due in part to being very close to the condo building I live in, the 80M OCF Dipole has much less man made noise on it. Most bands above 7 MHz are 0-1 S unit of noise, and below that there is about a 4-6 S unit reduction in noise. There is a whole lot more going on out there. I am even able to here some activity on 160M, but I think it is much too short for transmitting on 160m. (It was cut for 80M, and is actually a foot or so short for that, as I ran out of wire.) As far as received signal strength? It depends where the other station is. Some stations are 4-5 S units stronger, and some are dead even with the 40M/80M dipole. I think this is due in part to a couple factors.1) The orientation is about 90 clockwise to the other dipole and where the other dipole is only at 20' the OCF dipole is at 50'. and 2) If the station is in close, both antennas are using a high angle of radiation, NVIS, so neither has much advantage. This is more noticeable as the the frequency gets lower (wavelength gets longer). When I get a little time I will do some A/B comparison with another station or two. So how are the numbers? Well a quick run through with a MFJ-269 antenna analyzer at the bottom of the 50' tree shows less the 3:1 SWR in just about all amateur bands, good enough to use just the internal tuner on the TS-940, and with the majority of them being less the 2:1, could even go without the tuner. Quick note, I haven't gone through all this back at the shack yet to verify that it works that well, but the few test I did tuned very easily, and I don't use the tuner on 20M at all.

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