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TS-940SAT Sub Display not working.

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. The sub display on my trusty TS-940SAT has gone wacky. Every time I turn it on the display is scrambled and needs resetting. My guess is the battery has died for the clock and other functions. A quick post in the Yahoo group for TS-940 confirms what is most likely a dead battery. There are 2 sets of batteries in the TS-940, one is for the sub display and the other is for ????  If I am going to open it up, I am going to replace both sets. A little research has found that I can replace them with a round lithium cell, like the ones computer BIOSes use. I just need to solder in a battery holder as the OEMs has solder tabs on them. No problem. I'll post more what I get to fixing them.

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