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Vanity callsign, yet again

So the Vanity Call Sign bug is itching again. Well it has been for a couple of weeks now, I was trying to work some new DX with my new antenna I just put up. I was able to hear them just fine, as the noise level has dropped considerably since I put up the 80M OCF Dipole. Even with the SB-200 putting out 500W they should have been able to hear me, then I realized something. When I finish sending my call and swith back to recieve, I already hear the DX coming back to the local stations, almost every time! So I am back to comtemplating a vanity callsign. It would mean changing QSL cards, new domain name for the website, and a few others, but it may be worth the hassle. OR I could take my chances with a new sequential callsign, I'll have to see where they are in the list and see if that is something I want to chance. I'll just wait and see for now.


OK, I have given in, I am now activly searching for a vanity call that suits me. It might take a little while, but I will get it done.


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