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Why 70cm, and not 2M for my repeater?

So you may be asking yourself why I chose the 70cm band for my repeater and not the more popular 2M band. A couple reasons;

1) There are more 2M repeaters in my area than either 1.25M or 70cm (220 MHz & 440 MHz respectively), less crowded, and hopefully easier to get coordination for the frequency pair.

2) Most dual band mobile radios are 2M and 70cm,as well as many HTs that are 2M and 70cm,  so there should be a good number of hams to use it.

3) Duplexers for 70cm are smaller and do not have to be as critically built as a 2M duplexers, 2M duplexers need 80 dB of separation in just 600 KHz, where a 70cm duplexers need 80dB in 5 Mhz. While that leaves more room for variances, it does not mean we will be sloppy in building this.

4) Could be easily re-tuned to cover GMRS frequencies, if I ever decide to get a license for those things (not a fan), but it I ever wanted to sell it I would have a bigger market.

These and a couple of more reasons lead me to 70cm. Hopefully things will go well, either way it will be a learning experiance for sure!!

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