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Adding NOAA Weather Alerts to the repeater

I started thinking what is would take to interface a NOAA weather radio to the repeater to re-broadcast the weather alerts. One of the first concern that came to mind was, Is it legal? In short... Yes.

Follow along as I try to adapt a Si4707 for amateur radio use........

Spring / Summer 2013 Update

Haven't really updated the site in a while, been busy and have not had much of a chance to do anything more than some 2M/70cm FM while driving to work. It was a pretty cold and snowy Winter, however mostly uneventful. The repeater project is going ok. Still testing some stuff out, and quickly realizing that height is king. Where the antenna sits now appears to be in a bit of a valley. Unfortunately it is not on a tower, or other high perch. Coverage is a meager 2 miles, maybe. BUT with a clear shot through the valley, I can hear it about 20 miles away on my way to work as I crest a hill.


Splat! What is it?  Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool, for 20MHz to 20GHz,  MORE>>>>>>

Field Day 2013

This year Field Day is June 22nd-23rd, it's always the 4th full weekend in June, Starting 1800 UTC Saturday, and runs through 2059 UTC Sunday. The plans this year are to help out with the club I belong to, PEARL, They are a good bunch of 'old men' and '(X)YLs'. They have done pretty good in the past, but this year we are trying to improve ourselves even more. While Field Day is not a contest, there is a score, and while some take it serious, it is just meant to be a preparedness drill.


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