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Going Solar!

Well... I thought it was time again to revisit solar energy as a means for electricity for a home. I looked into a complete 'off the grid' setup about 5 years ago, and the ROI was over 20 years, at that time. This was assuming no repairs were needed, and not replacing the storage batteries. Lets see if 5 years of advancement has changed anything.  >>>Read more>>>>>

It's already February!, NAQP, House Hunting, and more...

It's already February!, NAQP, House Hunting, and more... Wow, where does time go, well here is just a little summary of some of the ham projects I am working on....

70cm UHF Repeater Build Up, Update 4

Spent a few hours working on the repeater last night. I was attempting to finish up the radio to controller cabling, but it didn't quite go so well.  It turns out to be quite difficult to solder 3 coax audio cables and some control lines to a D-sub-9 connector. Poor eyesight is definitely a factor which I need to remedy! So after all the lines were connected and plugged in to both the repeater and controller I gave it a go.

No Vanity Callsign this time.

Well, didn't get the callsign I put in for, W2YW, so for now I am still KC2ZPK, not that is is bad or anything. I currently don't see anything that I really like, so I am going to hold off for a little while. I will be checking in periodically as the site shows callsigns that are coming up 30 days in the future. I can probably check every other week and see what is on the horizon. Maybe next time!


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