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Well, my first semi major milestone was reached during the 2012 CQ WW SSB Contest. When I imported my contest log into Ham Radio Deluxe I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have 103 DX entities worked !! Of those, about 65 or so are confirmed through Log Book of The World (LoTW). I am hoping that the other contesters will upload their logs soon so I don't have to have any QSL cards checked, as I haven't received that many yet. Most of these are on phone, but also have some digital modes as well. Sadly I have not had time to study the code, but I will get there. I did set a goal of getting this by the end of the year, so if they confirm, I may have a chance.


As of this moment i have 71 confirmed on LoTW. With about 35 days left in the year I am not sure I will get them all confirmed. I think I might have to work more Digital Modes, as those users seem to be more LoTW friendly, and maybe I can squeeze it in!

Well almost five months into 2013, and i only have 78 countries confirmed. I really need to work more DX!!


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