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Thoughts on K1OIK

I thought back and forth on whether or not I should post this, but in the end I feel it needs to be said, and not be edited by an outside source. (Hey that's what personal blogs are for right?) K1OIK, or Burt, is a ham radio operator from Cape Cod who has a very cynical view of the Amateur Radio Community in general. And while every community has a few of these, K1OIK seems to go out of his way to 'stir the pot'. His videos seem to put down individual segments of the community such as the DX chasers, Contesters. He has even gone to the extent of saying that contesters are the lowest form of life, and in return he puts himself out there as the model operator. I think , and I am sure many think the same, that he is really not the 'model operator' and that his actions on support this. He seems to stick his nose is any topic that he thinks he can get a rise out of someone, even goes to the extent of mocking someone who made a certain achievement. I even tried a few times to debate his views, but it seems he only sees things one way, his. I would like all amateur radio operators, and future operators to please disregard anything K1OIK has to say. In the brief time that I have been licensed I have not had 'the bad experiences' that K1OIK says there are out there. For every one K1OIK, there are 10,000s of nice operators! Do not let him portray our community!

73 John


I am not a model operator and where did I say otherwise?

Then you are no different then those you mock. Actually you are. You mock others and belittle their acheivements, because they may view ham radio different then you.

Readers please note, I can not verify then authenticity of the post by 'Burt Fisher'. It may indeed be from  him, or it could be from someone else.

Now I understand what Rush means by public screwal system!

Who do you think is getting 'screwed'?

I'm not a professional psychiatrist, but my gut tells me that there's something seriously wrong with Mr. Fisher's mental health. He is unduly obsessed with the minor, insignificant foibles of people and he goes out of his way to provoke anger.

Trying to talk sense with Burt Fisher is as futile as parents trying to reason with a 3 year old in the supermarket check out by counting to 5... its an exercise in futility.


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