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The Repeater

The KC2ZPK 70cm Repeater on 447.575- PL tone 123.0

The KC2ZPK repeater is built around a old Kenwood TKR-820 commercial desktop repeater. The TKR-x20s (there is also a 2M version, the 720) were a work horse in the land moble field. While the TKR-720 does not come up for sale often, there is always at least one or two TKR-820s on E-bay. [PIC] They tell me a TKR series repeater is just a TK series mobile with the RX and TX split so it can recieve and transmit at the same time. There is a space in the case for a mobile duplexer, but they are a little harder to find. For the tiome being I am using a small mobile duplexer, also E-bay. [pic] It is 'OK' for testing and short ranges, but a real duplexer will be used eventually.


Updated 8/14/2013

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