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Field Day 2013

This year Field Day is June 22nd-23rd, it's always the 4th full weekend in June, Starting 1800 UTC Saturday, and runs through 2059 UTC Sunday. The plans this year are to help out with the club I belong to, PEARL, They are a good bunch of 'old men' and '(X)YLs'. They have done pretty good in the past, but this year we are trying to improve ourselves even more. While Field Day is not a contest, there is a score, and while some take it serious, it is just meant to be a preparedness drill.

Going Solar!

Well... I thought it was time again to revisit solar energy as a means for electricity for a home. I looked into a complete 'off the grid' setup about 5 years ago, and the ROI was over 20 years, at that time. This was assuming no repairs were needed, and not replacing the storage batteries. Lets see if 5 years of advancement has changed anything.  >>>Read more>>>>>

It's already February!, NAQP, House Hunting, and more...

It's already February!, NAQP, House Hunting, and more... Wow, where does time go, well here is just a little summary of some of the ham projects I am working on....

70cm UHF Repeater Build Up, Update 4

Spent a few hours working on the repeater last night. I was attempting to finish up the radio to controller cabling, but it didn't quite go so well.  It turns out to be quite difficult to solder 3 coax audio cables and some control lines to a D-sub-9 connector. Poor eyesight is definitely a factor which I need to remedy! So after all the lines were connected and plugged in to both the repeater and controller I gave it a go.


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