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ARRL Antenna Book follow up

Just a quick follow up to this posting.

After having the book for a few days now I can so far say it is worth getting. While I have not read it all, or anywhere near it, it has a lot of information regarding antennas and their design. Definitely a worth wile purchase!

ARRL Antenna Handbook 22nd ed.

In my quest to understand what, and how, an antenna actually does to get the signal out I went and purchased the ARRL Antenna Handbook, as many other hams said it was a good reference. UPS delivered it yesterday, and from just a few minutes of flipping pages, it looks like it is a wealth of info. I will get into it more over the Christmas Holiday.

The quest for a RF Choke for a dipole

Still looking for some straight forward info on what is required to reduce the common mode current on the outside of the coax feed line feeding my 40/80M Dipole. My best choice seems to be a 1:1 wound on a torrid, but the 4"x4" box it requires would make my stealth dipoles not so stealthy. So I am looking into the ferrite beads that slip over the coax feed line. Have spent a few hours already, and still not much in the way of "use this" but a lot of goof information none the less. I will post updates when I can.


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