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The demise of AO-51

Well, I just read on that AO-51 has gone "End of Mission". Meaning , it's done. Three of the six batteries are either not holdng charge or shorted. The ground crew has not heard it in a while, and is unable to communicate with it. I never got a chance to get a 2 way QSO on it. I did hear my call sign on one of the recordings, and someone did call back to me, but I never heard it when I was working it. Well... it time to look into the other LEO birds.

Attempt at AO-51 11/22/2011

Oddly enough I woke up early this morning (09:00 UTC) and checked my satellite app on my Android phone, and I saw AO-51 was going to be in the sky around the time I leave for work. And it's max elevation was to be 45°, decent enough I thought, so I set the radio, a DM-710A for the satellites, set the squelch right on the fringe of on/off and drove to work. In the past the signals from AO-51 have been able to break this squelch level, but now I am not so sure. it doesn't help that I am trying to listen with a trunk mount mobile antenna, mounted vertically.

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