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Setting up the Si4707 WX receiver breakout board.

Setting up a SI4707 Weather receiver breakout board with SAME decoding to work with an Arduino. First impressions and some tips to get it running. The SI4707 breakout board came in a few days early, so i got to check it out over the holiday weekend.  Read more

Adding NOAA Weather Alerts to the repeater

I started thinking what is would take to interface a NOAA weather radio to the repeater to re-broadcast the weather alerts. One of the first concern that came to mind was, Is it legal? In short... Yes.

Follow along as I try to adapt a Si4707 for amateur radio use........

Entering the World of Arduino.

Ok, so I gave in and bought an Arduino Uno. I saw these first come out several years ago and figured I wold not have a use for them. But now that I am into amateur radio, there are several ideas floating in my head. Some of which are Foxhunting, automatic beacons,  CW Keyer, a voice keyer, trackers, many ideas. 

So what is an Arduino?......

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