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Let Me Work The DX My Own Way! A DX Story by Paul, VE1DX

 Last week one of the local QRPers came up the road, beat his way around the curve of the hills towing one of the more Sleek Headed QRPers behind him. Wary as we might have been, they caught us before we could run for the safety of the shack and pull down the shades.

Kuwait DX

Picked up a new one this morning! Heard 9K2GS on 20 meters this morning, he had a small pile of ops waiting to contact him, so when he called QRZ I sent my call. I got buried! I still don't have an antenna tuner that will handle the SB-200, had to send the first one back, BUT my 20M Inverted Vee has just about the entire 20M under 2:1. The SB-200 should handle that.  I connected it in line, and tried again.

HK0NA and VP6T DXpeditions 2012

HK0NA and VP6T, two fairly big, and in the case of HK0NA, rare DX location. Actually they both are on the top 100 most wanted DX, in the top 50 I believe. It would be nice to work them, at least HK0NA, which is not too far away.

Hunting down recieve noise.

One of the worst things I think is having to deal with a S9+ noise on receive. It wont matter if your 'getting out' you can't hear anyone unless they are practically a S9. I have done some noise hunting with a shortwave receiver, with good results. I found an electric space heated that would give off a S9+40 noise when it was just about to reach it's  set point. But I still have some noise. Over then next few weeks I will be recording and tracking down the noise in effort to improve my DX reception.

New amp = new DX?

Does a new amp = New DX? I hope so!

Bonaire PJ4J

Well, spent a few hours trying to get through, with no sucess. I am not even sure an amplifier would have helped, as I could barely hear them anyway. It seemed a good expidetion though


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