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PT0S, not looking good for the Log

Well between work, family and just a lack of on air time, I am not sure i will even get 1 PT0S in the log. Yeah, that bad. I was hoping for at least one, b ut the pileups were horrible, lids and cops everywhere. The group is planned to work until the 22nd, but that is thanksgiving. I am basically going to have tonight and a little part of tomorrow morning to get them. the good news is that I have heard of good luck with an early morning approach on 80M or maybe even 160M, around 07:00Z (3AM EST). I just want one for the log, well see how it goes.

PT0S, Maybe....

PT05, St Peter and St. Paul Rocks are a small group of islets and rocks approximately  520 nautical miles (990 km) east of the Brazilian city of Natal, right near the Equator. It is about 4000 miles (6300 km) South East from my QTH. What makes this one special is that the Brazilian government has a ban on amateur radio activities on the island, due to environmental concerns and safety reasons.

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