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SB-200 rebuild project - The Plan

So I bought a used SB-200 a little while back, and while it does have good output, but the cosmetics and smell left much to be desired. The paint was flaking and had a cigarette smoke issue. The paint on the outer case all but washed right off when it took a bath in the dishwasher (don't tell the XYL), and a few days outside in the fresh air helped the smoke odor, but it is still there when it heats up from running.

Kuwait DX

Picked up a new one this morning! Heard 9K2GS on 20 meters this morning, he had a small pile of ops waiting to contact him, so when he called QRZ I sent my call. I got buried! I still don't have an antenna tuner that will handle the SB-200, had to send the first one back, BUT my 20M Inverted Vee has just about the entire 20M under 2:1. The SB-200 should handle that.  I connected it in line, and tried again.

2011 ARRL 10M Contest

This coming weekend, 12/10 00:00Z - 12/11  24:00Z, is the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. I am not really a 'contester' but use the opportunity to search out some DX and also test out some equipment. There are plenty of stations on the air, so the opportunity to get someone new is good. .

SB-200 tube testing

Took a little time this evening to do some more checks on the SB-200. A couple of days ago I checked the high voltage level without the tubes installed, and it is about 2350V or so (by looking at the front panel meter). Tonight I plugged the tubes in and went to fire up the amp, then POW, it tripped the circuit breaker on the battery backup supply I use for the radios. I guess the initial draw is too much, I think I will just connect to the wall outlet directly. Connected to the wall, everything is fine.

SB-200 Case cleaning

Took a few minutes to strip the remaining green Heathkit paint from the case of the SB-200. As the case is Aluminum, I have to be careful what I use to strip the paint with. Sanding will only strip the paint from the outer surfaces of the case, however there are hundreds, maybe thousands of small holes that have paint in them as well. Chemical striping is probably the easiest way to get all the nooks and crannies. So I stoped by the auto parts store and picked up a can of "Tal-Strip" It is a spray on coatings remover, safe for aircraft use, and use on Aluminum.

New amp = new DX?

Does a new amp = New DX? I hope so!

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