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2012 Rookie Roundup SSB - Review

Well..... Not so good, for me. It is probably a symptom of my antenna issues, but I did not hear a lot of rookies calling, and I even spent some time calling myself. I worked mostly 20M, and made a whole 2 contacts. I did however make 3 or 4 QSOs in the George QSO Party, and had a nice QSO with a gentleman in Alabama. It looks like my signal works well to the South. :)

Forming a team for the SSB Rookie Roundup

I am thinking of forming a team for the SSB Rookie Roundup. If anyone would like to join, please leave a comment. I will check back frequently.

2012 ARRL Rookie Roundup - SSB

Less than 10 days till the SSB roundup, and I need to do some improvements to the station! Unfortunately this will be my only year in the roundup. Rules state "In the Rookie Roundup, a Rookie is defined has having been first licensed in the current calendar year or the previous two calendar years, regardless of license class. To compete in the 2012 Rookie Roundup events, an amateur must have received their license in 2012, 2011 or 2010." I first was licensed

2012 CQ WW WPX SSB contest, in review.

Well, as I figured, I did not have as much uninterrupted time as I did for the ARRL contest, but that didn't stop the fun. The good news, no mechanical or electrical failures. The Bad news, only 102 QSOs. For me it seemed 10M was dead, so I only spent a little while there. Spent most of the time on 20M and 15M, as they were active during the time I had to participate in the contest.

2012 ARRL SSB DX Contest is upon us

Well this is the weekend for the 2012 ARRL SSB DX Contest. I have the house to myself so there should be little interruption, not that I expect to sit at the radio all weekend. I do have other stuff to do, but I am sure will get a few hours here and there to get some contacts in.

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